Solar for business

Solar for Business

Rooftop Installation

Trama Power’s versatile system configurations meet a wide range of energy goals—from maximizing your IRR to maximizing the NPV of your investment. Rooftop solar system is a faster way to reap the benefits of solar with minimal business interruption. Large flat roofs are perfect for installing solar panels.

Ground Mounted Installations

Trama Power’s extensive power plant experience facilitates on-site or off-site installations, optimizing land and system size to meet your energy needs. If your roof isn’t large enough or has too much shading, ground-mount solar could be an option if you have access to nearby unused land. These systems take more time to install than rooftop solar but are often larger with the ability to offset more of your electricity costs.

Solar for Business
Solar for Business

Benefits of

Solar Power Plant

For Industry

Energy Independence for your Business Solar systems can drastically reduce or even eliminate energy bills effectively lowering overhead. Solar power project provides a good return on investment through the use of un-utilized rooftop space or Land and requires minimal maintenance.
Trama Power offers innovative solar system solutions to industrial, commercial, and institutional customers of all sizes. Our advanced, record-breaking solar technology allows our customers to maximize savings, gain energy independence, and meet sustainability goals.

Transforming Potential Into Profit

Trama Power offers a single source for all development and project activities, from planning and design through to project construction and connection to the grid as well as maintenance and care of the complete solar power plants. Our team ensures your solar power plant is constructed cost-effectively, operate flawlessly, and can provide regular operation and maintenance for optimal power generation.

Solar for Business

Your Reliable EPC Partner

Solar for Business


Skillful design and optimization for customer needs in a turnkey system

Solar for Business

Project Development

Cost-benefit analysis, site assessment, planning, and review of all regulatory permits and government approvals

Solar for Business


Selection and delivery of high quality, integrated components

Solar for Business

Project Realization

Selection of high-quality components, design, optimization, and detailed planning and handover of the system

Solar for Business


Detailed planning, project management and construction

Solar for Business

Project Operations

Asset management, operations & maintenance, continuous monitoring and reporting of system performance

Solar PPA – Power Purchase Agreement

PPA means building partnerships: sharing our global expertise, offering our project development capabilities, and supplying your business with reliable, tailor-made, and cost-competitive renewable solutions. PPAs enable our clients to purchase renewable energy on a long-term basis, benefiting from a long-term market hedge with no upfront capital.

Solar for Business

No Capital Investment

We will intall world-class rooftop solar power plant at your location for free

Solar for Business

Electricity Cheaper Than Grid

You will only pay for the electricity that you consume me from the newer plant ar prices less than utility or DISCOM prices

Solar for Business

Free Maintenance & Monitoring

We will Monitor the solar plant and undertake regular maintenance for free

Solar for Business

Valuable Green Credentials

Your business or residence can flaunt its Green and Low Carbon credentials and gain valuable accreditation.

How To Make Electricity Bill Zero?

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