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Why Trama Power for Your Solar Power Plant?

Everybody who pays the light bill of their house, office, factory, workshop, etc wants to reduce the cost of electricity expenses and whenever they think about solar rooftop systems at that time we are in the picture and real research starts from here that why choose the particular company for our solar system?

So, Trama Power is the fastest-growing solar EPC solution provider with a focus on providing world-class quality and cost-effective solar solutions to our customers since 2017.

We started with a single goal that helps to accelerate the growth and adoption of solar power systems not only for their obvious environmental benefits but also for the economic benefits available to our customers.

Trama power incorporates and maintains the highest standards of material quality, environment, health, and safety in the selection, designing, procurement, construction, operations, and maintenance of solar power plants projects. We assign adequate engineering resources to manage risks associated with projects across their lifecycle.

Why choose Trama Power Solar?


Empower a Billion Lives through Sustainable, Affordable & Innovative Energy Solutions.


To Become an Innovative and Competitive Renewable Energy Organization providing One-Stop Solutions to Customers of all Renewable Energy Products and Services.

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Trust – Through Our Business
Value – In Our Products
Respect – For All

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